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Contribution of FLOODsite to the implementation of the EU Directive

Within the boundaries of FLOODsite, the Integrated Project is delivering advances in several areas of direct relevance to the three main activities of the Directive

  • preliminary flood risk assessment,
  • the preparation of flood risk maps
  • the preparation (and implementation) of flood risk management plans

The procedures for undertaking these activities have yet to be defined and agreed by the competent authorities in the Member States.  Thus the discussion on these pages of how FLOODsite can support the implementation of the directive must not be taken as a final statement.

The detail of implementation is being set out by Working Group “F” (WG-F) under the Common Implementation Strategy of the Water Framework Directive; its first meeting took place on 7th May 2007.  The FLOODsite team participates in the WG-F ensuring that the research outcomes can inform the development of the implementation plans. FLOODsite has also participated in the Exchange Circles established from the EU Action Programme Stakeholder Group.

The project partners are keen to work with national authorities responsible for the application of the Directive and preparation of the assessments, map and plans.  It is only through this dialogue will the emerging results of FLOODsite be mapped onto the implementation process as it is developed within WG-F.

Tiza River Basin and Map of Pilot site areaFLOODsite support for

Relevant results of FLOODsite will be found on our project publications pages

The FLOODsite methodologies are being tested in seven Pilot Studies which illustrate aspects of flood risk assessment, risk mapping and the development of strategies for flood risk management.

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