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Suggestions for projects

You can choose the various elements you’re interested in to make your own project.

Ask your teacher to see if the package you choose meets the schools requirements related to the level, form and size of the project.

Example of project: Flood risk in your own area or country

Do some research for the area, or country where you live. Answer the following questions.

  • What types of flood could happen?
  • Which areas would be flooded?
  • How high would the water come approximately?
  • What are the chances
  • What would be the consequences flooding in that area? Think of loss of lifes, disruption of daily life, economic damage, damage to the environment.
  • Who would suffer from these consequences?
  • Are there any specific buildings with groups of more vulnerable people in the area (like invalids, or babies in day care)?
  • What has been done to prevent flooding?
  • What has been done to reduce the consequences?
  • What more could be done in your view?

For information you can visit websites of, for example, these organisations:

  • This website, of course
  • Local environment agency
  • Municipality
  • Water board
  • Fire brigade
  • Safety and health organisation
  • Environmental organisation

Present the results of your research in the form of a virtual tour, a power point presentation, a report or maybe even a play.