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Virtual tour

A virtual tour is a journey over the world on a computer. For this, you will need to install Google Earth. Google Earth is a program with which you can interactively look at a map of the world. You can move around the globe, zoom in and zoom out, and follow tours. For more information on how to use Google Earth, see its help files.

At the bottom of the page there is a link to a virtual tour concerning flooding. After clicking this link, you can choose to open it with Google Earth or to save it to your computer and open it from there. This usually works best.

Before starting the tour, set the following options in Google Earth's “Tools” and then “Options” menu, under the tab “Touring”:

  • Set the “Fly-To Speed” to 0.18.
  • Set the “Tour Speed” to 0.18.
  • Set the “Tour Pause” to 10.
  • Check the box “Show balloon when tour is paused”.

Then select the tour from the “Places” list, and click the “Play” button at the bottom of the list.

The tour takes you to significant places in Europe and it will give you information on types of flooding, flood events, their consequences and some protective measures.

After the tour you can return to a location of your choice by selecting it in the “Places” list or clicking on the water icons on the map, watch the videos, and follow up on the links.

Enjoy the trip!

Start the virtual tour!