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Types of floods

Floods are categorised and named in several distinct ways. You can look at the geography: the physical features in the area or the source of the flood water:


  • flooding of river
  • flooding from the sea
  • flooding in river delta
  • urban flooding

Another important feature is the speed with which the water flows into the area:


  • flash flood: the water flows in with great speed.
  • overflow of major rivers: the water flows over the banks and spreads over the terrain. Both the flow speed and the rising speed are comparatively low.
  • ponding, pluvial flooding or water logging: water forms a layer on the fields or streets because high intensity rainfall cannot be drained as quickly as it comes down.

You can look at the cause of flooding:

Causes of flooding:

For more information about the different types of floods, take the virtual tour, or go to the flood types section.

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