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Lessons on Flood risk management

This theme aims a provinding insight in the general problems of flood risk management. It focusses on Europe with several European examples of floods and hurricane Katrina as mayor flood disaster in another part of the world. Climate change is expected to have al large impact on flood risk and id for that reason included in this theme.

The lesson theme Flood Risk management consists of the following materials.

  • Self study materials: The heart of it is under the flood risk heading. “Europe”, “Katrina” and “Climate Change” go with it.
  • The quizzes about flood types and flood risk management test the knowlegde of basic concepts.
  • The Florima board game gives insight in the process of Flood Risk management. As does the online Stop Disasters game.
  • Worksheet: Some assignments about the self study materials are to be found on this work sheet.
  • Project: Conclude these lessons with a larger project. This could be the assignment Make your own virtual tour. The project could also be a flood risk assessment for the students home region, or the design of a floating city to protect citizens against floods, or some other connected subject.