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Opinionforming and debate lessons

The lessons are aimed at reflecting on the nature of flood risk management on a more personal basis and forming an opinion about it.

An important part of this theme is discussion. So it can best be used in class or in groups. Each lesson takes about 45 minutes.

The lessons theme consist of the following elements:

  • Evacuation board game: evacuate your town quickly but beware that the traffic keeps moving
  • Evacuation role playing game: the whole class is involved in a information meeting about the (fictive) local evacuation plan
  • Flood risk management board playing game: What measures can you take to make your area save against flooding. Will you work together or alone?
  • Debate: Debate on fairness issues in flood risk management: equal safety for all?
  • Essay: Write a family flood plan or a story about a flood happening in your area, in the writing assignment: Prepare!.